Mercury In Leo Trines Uranus In Aries🔥Venus In Gemini Opposes Saturn In Sagittarius⚔️July 24 2017🛡Ideas To Challenge Your Rut

#Monday July 24 2017💡Today a lot is going on as we have Mercury in Leo Trining Uranus in Aries giving us brilliant powers of thought and awesome ideas. 🔨We also have Venus in Gemini Opposing Saturn in Sagittarius having a face off.  

So it’s going to be a very interesting day as we strife against Saturn to get our belongings into place, or we face that one thing that is preventing us from excelling further in the physical world and all this with the brilliant help of Uranus trine Mercury. 

✨One month after getting him and he already grew new colors✨

There are certain situations that have us restricted (Saturn in Sagittarius) which oppose Venus (Value\Money) in Gemini. 

For example if you have Venus in the 8th against Saturn in the 2nd, this has to do with your ability to make money is being blocked and you must find a way through the means of your job or career. 

Mercury can help us find solutions today. We just have to tap into the genius energy of Uranus.

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