Sun Enters Leo🌞July 22 2017🦁New Moon In Leo🌑Happy Birthday Leo🎂

#Saturday July 22 2017🦁Leo season is here! Happy Birthday to the Lions!🎂A New Moon in Leo starts off tomorrow and we might be feeling a little restless as the moon is born again. 🔥One can definitely feel this shift taking place and Mid Summer brewing. 

🌞🌈Leo is very proud sign and dwells a lot in creativity. 

🌙I slept 100% last night!🌙

This new week coming along can be quite intense as we will have the Sun conjunction Mars and Venus opposing Saturn sometime this week. This is not a time to sit back and relax although Venus will soon Enter Cancer and would love to do so. 
💥But more of a time to take action and take advantage that Mars is in Leo once more again invigorating us. 

🌙Leo will have two New Moons, this one, and on the 22nd of Aug in the Solar Eclipse. 

So the theme will be revolving around that part of your chart. 

A lot of emphasis will be placed on Leo this year, so take advantage to solve anything that requires assertion.

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