Sun In Cancer Squares Uranus In Aries🌞July 21 2017⚡️Patience Is Cracking

#Friday July 21 2017⛈Today the Sun in Cancer Squares Uranus In Aries creating an uneasiness and a desire to get things done quickly compromising our health. ⚡️Uranus loves to get things done quickly, especially when he is in Aries the warrior who likes to advance before everyone else does, yet Cancer loves comfort and taking its time leading to major clash.

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🌞The Sun in Cancer could be your current spirit wanting to relax and ripe the benefits of what you have been working for so long, yet the benefits have not yet arrived and you feel that Uranus in Aries impatience to get things done quick with a lot of frustration. 

Why am I not where I planned out to be all this time? 

⚡️But don’t worry, with this Square,confrontations can change the slowness of process and even open way to that which you have been trying to achieve for so long. This Square can push you to your limits, which perhaps it’s probably what needed to happen in order for there to be change. 
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