Mars Enters Leo 🦁July 20 2017🔥Taking On Tasks That Require A lot Of Willpower🐯

#Thursday July 20 2017🔥🦁Today Mars Enters Leo and is there to stay for 40 days. This is the time in Summer to take the most action or to complete the incomplete. 🔥With Mars in Leo we can take on issues that require direct assertion and a lot of Willpower. For those of you who were lacking spirit at the beginning of this month, you will soon start to notice a more assertive inner dialogue starting to take place within you. 

🦎Florida’s curly tail lizard. My uncle feeds her everyday when he comes from work, and she actually follows him🦎

🦁Some of our endeavors weren’t successful this year, and now it is a good time to give it our all again one more time before we call the year off. 

🔥Mars in Leo takes commend of the situation. For example if Mars is transiting your 10th house, you would feel more inclined to chase your career and gain recognition. 

🔥A lot of activity in Leo will be going on in July and especially August when the Eclipse will take place. 

🦁The Lion knows no boundaries and will fight for whatever he or she believes is theirs. 

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