Mercury In Leo Trines Saturn In Sagittarius ☄️July 19 2017🦁Thinking Of How To Materialize Ideas💡

#Wednesday July 19 2017☄️Mercury In Leo Trines Saturn in Sagittarius today! 🔥A fire trine always pushes us forward and today it’s all about thinking (Mercury) how we are going to excel in the physical world (Saturn). 🌞We can currently feel the effects of the Full Solar Eclipse that will take place next month in Leo on Aug 21. As we all know Solar Eclipses bring new beginnings and this Solar Eclipse will be trining Uranus in Aries and also be in the same house Mars. 

🔥So surprises are at bay, and very physical ones.

One can always feel a certain change a month before the initial Eclipse. And I’m surely feeling it in my 10th house. 

🎬Working on my music video for my single. I thought this shot reminded me of a Sarah McKlarkin Album cover or Mariah Carey’s Butterfly Album I’m so going to use it as the single’s cover🎤

🦁I want to start a new career or a new public persona, and I have thought of re-opening my music persona again and perhaps put effort into getting my original songs heard 🎧now that I have all I need to make it possible. 

🌞Also with a Solar Eclipse comes a Lunar Eclipse of Endings in the opposite house and one must see what will be brought to endings in Aquarius.

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