July 16-21 2017 Tarot Card Weekly Forecast✨A Week of Action But Outside Resistence

#Sunday July 15 2017✨July 16-21 2017 Tarot Weekly Forecast✨This week we will have a very energized vibe coming up (The Emperor and 7 of Wands) but with a bit of resistance from the outside(4 of Disks), people might seem closed up or with little desire to share what is going on in their lives. 🔥We are currently feeling like we won a battle(6 of Wands) after a recent huge transformation (Death) process of seeing the world differently or completing a cycle (The World). We felt hung last week (The Hanged Man), maybe not having the ability to move forward due to something in the way, but this coming week we will take the actions of the Emperor. 

As a result do to people’s closure we will feel the need for inner peace (2 of Swords) or we could fear too much calmness depending on our very own personal situation. But as a result it seems like we will not yet attain something as we continue to desire like the Prince of Cups. Something has not yet been attained and we must see what needs to be done in order to reach our goals.

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