July 9-14 2017✨Tarot Card Weekly Forecast🔮Fire In Our Belly Opens New Path🔥

#Sunday July 9 2017✨July 9-14 2017 Weekly Tarot Card Forecast✨This week’s reading has a lot of fire element that can propel us to start on a new path this week (The Chariot). 🔥Last week we cleared way for anything that was standing in our way from thinking clear. (Ace of Swords).💨

🔥We are pushing ourselves hard this week forward demanding ourselves to do so (Dominion) because we have something in mind to conquer and it’s of importance to us (Prince of Wands and Emperor).🔥🔥

👳The Hierophant is in a high position of mind in this reading, and it signifies studies or mastery of something. You are putting a lot of effort with all the fire cards to master this new lesson or skill you have come across, and doing so opens the new path of The Chariot.

👀You can be feeling doubtful of yourself (Futility) although there might be a demand from the outside or encouragement. (Prince of Cups)

😐You may fear taking an attitude of being hard on yourself and perhaps seeing yourself as “not enough”, …but don’t worry, as a result a lot can happen and as the Wheel of Fortune continues to spin and nothing is yet settled till it stops.🌟

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