Full Moon In Capricorn Conjuncts Intense Pluto🌕July 9 2017🥀Unveiling Intense Feelings

#Saturday July 8 2017🌕Tomorrow we have a Capricorn Full Moon in the Sky! We may be feeling a bit of intensity and uneasiness as the moon ripes and also Conjuncts Intense Pluto.🌕This full moon can be an emotional one even though Capricorn is not that type because Pluto can shake us inside.

🌺My Blue Verbains🌺

 This moon can make us realize how important it is to appreciate those around us. Feelings from the past can surface. Pluto and the full moon will bring out deep inner feelings out of no where. One can be feeling melancholic for no reason. Capricorn is a hard sign and can hold feelings for many years. It just doesn’t want to appear weak by demonstrating emotions. But this Pluto conjunction with the moon can actually crack even the hardest of us.

For example if you have Capricorn in the 3rd house you may be regenerating how you move about. You may be getting rid of old equipment that prevented you from communicating fast, and Pluto will help you to upgrade.

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