Mercury Enters Leo, Sun In Cancer Trines Neptune In Pisces while Squaring Jupiter In Libra😼July 6 2017🌊Interesting Day Ahead☀️

#Wednesday July 5 2017🌊Tomorrow Mercury Enters Leo, meanwhile the Sun in Cancer Trines Neptune in Pisces while Squaring Jupiter in Libra. It will be a very hectic day tomorrow as the two kings in the sky, the Sun and Jupiter are at a hard angle while one is in harmony with the other one. 

☠️So… I packed all my perfumes, splashes, candles, insense, soaps, creams, shampoos, detergents and hand sanitizers into a bag and I’m giving them to my mom. I have been so chemically sensitive AGAIN and can smell ANYTHING no matter how far it is.(It’s been chronic for the past few years) It is literally HELL living like this as everywhere you go you are bombarded with smell like it’s right up your nose.🤧Ususlly when this happens, it’s because your body is trying to eliminate toxins😤

The Sun seems to be the central theme here. It is in the middle of something. The Sun is our Ego indeed, and it is in harmony with Neptune our imagination, but not Jupiter our luck. We might be feeling proud of our visions as a grand collective, but, we are probably having difficulty achieving with our means. This is a very hard aspect as our hands are tied although we have the capacity to do something.

Now we are thinking more creatively than ever as we have Mercury in Leo.

☠️I am also changing my menstrual pads to natural. Heck, I’m thinking of using a cup now. No wonder why so many women have fibroids and Cervical Cancer. The pad on the left is full of chemicals which makes it flammable!!🔥🔥

If for example you have Cancer in the 9th house, you may receive perhaps a wild animal in need but you can not assist it because something in the 12th house is preventing it.

☠️Bleach? Wtf? And 90% Plastic evaporating into your vagina and into your cervics?🌧💨
😧This Dr. says there is an internet movie called “The Dissapearing Man”. Women pee out birth control estrogen pills into our water source and men drink it, plus the bpa estrogen mimicking chemical in water bottles and every plastic around us.🤢

👞 He says before there were more men as nature naturally produces men because men are more risk takers and by 15 yrs old 50% are only alive. But now more females are being born.🙍🏻

☠️Goodbye Poison! Did you know women of 37+ are now getting hysterectomies like if it was normal???🤢