Mercury In Cancer Squares Uranus In Aries🦀 July 4 2017⚡️Be Careful What You Say🤐

#Monday July 3 2017🦀Tomorrow Mercury In Cancer Squares Uranus In Aries and causes mental conflict. We may be having sudden arguments out of nowhere with people. 

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Extra care should be taken as Uranus can be unexpected out of no where. And while he is in Aries, he is very quick. Mercury on the other hand can act out of emotion and can probably overdue the reaction. Even a person with a very grounded chart can now feel the emotional energy of Cancer as the aspects start to intensify this month. 

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Mercury Square Uranus can also bring sudden endings to relationships, so one must guard on saying the wrong things during this time, or be extra careful when talking to a partner during this time, as anything can come across the wrong way and the other person furiously defends themselves.

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If for example you have Aries in the 6th house, you may come across some sudden issue pertaining to studies or from a far away place. So one must keep an eye out for things.

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