Tarot Card Weekly Forecast🔮July 2-82017✨Don’t Bite More Then What You Could Chew

#Sunday July 2 2017🔮Tarot Card Weekly Forecast for July 2-7 2017✨This week we are back on track as last week we fixed and expressed (Ace of Cups) what was not working for us and came up with solutions. 🍀Now we are feeling optimistic (Fortune) and with great Will (7 of Wands) to slay our objectives. 💪We are aware of the Strength (Lust) we possess although there are some things that do have us under bondage (The Devil) like certain restrictions, whether it be physical or financially.

🔥This week coming up we will be like the (Princess of Wands) that acts like a catalyst against any impediment that can stand in our way. And even though we might be stuck in some way (The Hanged Man) we will still try Mind over Matter.

🌚Care must be taken as outside energies may not have the best intention towards us (The Moon). There may be those luring you to the unknown and potential danger.

We will wish to Work (3 of Disks) hard but at the end of this week we might be exhausted (10 of Wands) from too much responsibility. We could end up biting more then what we could chew.😓