Mars In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn 🦀July 1 2017🌊Intense Beginning of Month🔥

#Saturday July 1 2017🦀🔥🌊Tomorrow Mars In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn continuing the face-off that began with Mercury Oppose Pluto On Friday, but more intensely since Mars is obviously more stronger then Mercury. The tides can rise once again and higher. One must guard against emotionally exhausting oneself and over doing something. We might be trying to get our point across on a grand collective. Mars versus Pluto is all about power struggle and who’s role it is to do something. 

✨Goodmorning! Rise and Shine!🌞

Both planets are very similar, as they both rule Scorpio.

If for example you have Cancer in the 9th house you may be feeling a physical need to be free and to now allow your physical limitations prevent you from achieving small stuff in the 3rd house of mobility, however, the intense power of Pluto is opposing.

This week ahead will be quite challenging and full of Squares and great oppositions so hang on to your hats!

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