Mercury In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn šŸ¦€Communicate Or Hold BackšŸŒŠJune 30 2017

#Friday June 30 2017 šŸŒŠToday Mercury In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn creating tensions with power and speaking. When we have oppositions it’s all about priorities. We have here Mercury speaking about emotions and feelings, and Capricorn speaking about power and things that are tangible. We must choose between speaking how we feel, or holding our feelings to reserve power.It may be a situation where you want to express your true feelings but you want to hold off because you don’t want to seem easy, you want to remain mysterious. 

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If for example you have Cancer in the 9th house you might be learning so much that when you speak you speak with power and confidence and maybe that can make you feel a bit uncomfortable being too intense. 

Capricorn is a very reserved sign, and Cancer is the opposite. Capricorn likes to take things step by step which can take years to gain a Capricorn’s trust. Cancer has some similarity but Cancer is a bit more relaxed and observant.

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