July 2017 Astrology Forecast🔮Working Our Differences With Others

July starts off with a little bit of resistance as we have Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  And then on the 4th we have Mercury Squaring Uranus. Communication issues regarding sudden changes will rise on the first week of July. We also have Venus entering Gemini giving us a lot of love options while we speak with confidence as Mercury enters Leo on the 6th. 

A tense day on the 6th as we have a the two kings squaring each other. Jupiter and Sun, however the Sun trining Neptune on that day will find creative modes to work around conflict. On the 9th a full moon lightens the sky, however, on the next day an opposition with the Sun and Pluto will take place, and an issue of power and control will rises. 

On the 3rd week we have Venus squaring Neptune, so issues with sisterhood may aries, also the next day we have Mars squaring Uranus, however, the trine between Venus and Jupiter eases the tension of sudden changes. Mars enters Leo giving us Willpower and we might come off a little rough on the next day as we have the Sun Square Uranus. Carefulness with health should be taken. On the last week Venus oposes Saturn raising concern over Value and attainment, however, on that same day we have Mercury trining Uranus, so whatever changes taking place will be communicated easily.  On the 31 Venus enters Cancer and sweetens the ending of this month. Over all it is a month about working out our differences with others.