Mercury In Cancer Trines Neptune Retrograde In Pisces🔮June 28 2017🌬Blowing The Lid Off

#Wednesday June 28 2017🔮 Mercury in Cancer Trines Pisces in Neptune giving us mystical knowledge about how our subconscious mind works. Mercury is our minds, and Neptune rules the dream world. With this trinity we might be getting out of Cancer’s comfort zone and diving into deep subjects on a grand collective. For example, if you have Cancer in the 5th house you might be learning some new knowledge about the veils that were put down in the 5th house as Neptune Goes Retrograde. 

🦋This is by far the longest I have been in Delta, the deepest sleep stage. 5 hours? I don’t recall any dreams what’s so ever which is why I got 73% rest of brain rest. My mind was super clear this morning. PMS, days before bleeding can probably contribute to this. My theory is that since plasma is needed to built the rich stem cells released during menstration, brain activity decreases, making us women feel more lethargic. Im going to continue studying myself! I LOVE this subject😎

A planet like Mercury in a sign like Cancer can also stir up the waters. Cancer likes to be left alone for the most part or be with Venus or Neptune where they are able to daydream and fantasize. But when a planet that has a lot of momentum goes into Cancer, it could be a bit upsetting as the wind (the mind) can stir up Cancer’s calm waters (emotions) perhaps causing fear. If one is wise, one will allow the murky water to settle, till it is clear.

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