Mercury In Cancer Squares Jupiter In Libra 🌊June 27 2017🌪Truth Can Make Us Uncomfortable

#Tuesday June 27 2017 🌊Today Mercury in Cancer Squares Jupiter In Libra creating conflict. Mercury might be communicating out of emotion while Jupiter in Libra may not be catching that drift since it’s weighing if those feelings are beneficial or not. If we are not fussing with someone, we could very well be fussing with our inner dialogue. Mercury in Cancer is expressing very rare feelings or at least there is an awareness of that, but Jupiter in Libra which is Direct is more about convenance rather then “feeling”. 

Libra likes to weigh everything, and even if these deep feelings are real, if it makes us loose our balance, why bother? ….But that doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t there. 

This aspect is about knowing that there is something in our lives that is not beneficial to us even though we have a longing for it.

If for example you have Cancer in the 9th house you may thinking it’s time to take flight and explore by traveling, but there are things you have to take care of in the 12th house in order to proceed with that vision and that may be standing in your way. 

Sometimes when we have Squares, they are so tough on us that they bring out the truth eventually. They cause the truth to come out to for us to hear and face our inner truth and dialogue.