Mars In Cancer Trines Neptune In Pisces 🔮June 26 2017🔥A Lift In Inspiration

#Monday June 26 2017🔥🔮Today Mars in Cancer Trines Neptune in Pisces. This harmonious trine will give us a bit of a lift if we have our hopes down. Mars will fuel our dreams which by the way have been weak ever since Neptune went Retrograde lifting the views of illusion as well as weakening our ability to dream. This water trine can have us in a calm good mood and maybe in the mood to create. If for example Pisces occurs in your 10th house, you may be working very hard for that career idea to have or money making idea. The Mars in the 2nd house will fuel that dream in the 10th. (Gemini Rising Ex).

🍏Apple doing Arts in Crafts on top of Isis’s cage.🎨

This will be a very busy week full of aspects and we might be feeling a push and tug as one day we can have a good aspect, and the next it would be a conflicting one.

Cancer season is always very unpredictable since Cancer is a very unpredictable sign when it comes to emotion in itself.

Cancer likes comfort, and it can be likened to a calm lake, whenever there is discomfort, Cancer can throw a fit like a baby does.

Cancer is said to be the constellation where our soul first enters in this planet, and Capricorn the last. All Cancers have a younger streak, as Capricorns are known to have a much mature streak.

🍏Apple running back to her cage to check if someone went inside while she was out🍏