Weekly Tarot Card Forecast June 25-July 2017🔮Turbulance Ahead🌊

#Sunday June 25 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Card Forecast June 25-July 1 2017🦋We have a challenging week ahead as we are currently afraid to loose what we have (4 of Disks) because too many options and too much going on is threatening to remove your focus (8 of Swords) as a result what is coming for next week is a disappointment on something (5 of Cups). Our main focus is abundance and having plenty of what we want (10 of Disks) which is why we feel a gush of Happiness (9 of Cups) knowing that we can be close to acquiring it. 

We still hold an optimistic view as we gamble with possibilities (Fortune) but a word of caution is here as we can be faced with Martian Energy from the outside (The Tower). 

We could be hearing about changes that can threaten our plans, so care must be taken. We will fear (7 of Disks) failure and having to re-asses the situation all over again. 

But as a result we return back to balance (Adjustment) as we will be adjusting to these new changes and adapting them. 

Last week we lost interest in projects and possibly abandoned them, but this week after wanting them back we can be faced with very challenging energy basically that would require us to adjust.