Mars In Cancer Squares Jupiters In Libra🦀June 25 2017🔥Troubled Waters Ahead

#Saturday June 24 2017 🔥🦀Tomorrow Mars in Cancer Squares Jupiter in Libra creating a stormy weekend. This is a cardinal square that rises a strong conflict. Cancer is strong in emotions this weekend with this Mars energy getting those water signs fired up and reacting on emotion, and then we have the reaction of excessive Jupiter in Libra trying to justify those feelings. This can be a two person argument where one person is hurt by the other person’s actions and reacts to it or gets the impression the other person is trying to hurt them and then the other person tries to justify why they did something.

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 On a grand scale one can be weighing new thoughts, do to the New Moon, new modes of thinking, one can be having an internal dialogue justifying why this is a bright idea and approach to things (Jupiter Libra). It may be a logical approach to things, but Mars in Cancer is asking, what about your emotions? What about love and feelings, yet Jupiter in Libra does not see the necessity for that if it does not benefit you or if there is not an equal exchange.

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If for example you have Mars transiting your 9th house Squaring Jupiter in the 12th, you could be expanding your philosophy on new approaches with dealing with shading people in the 12th house. You are learning and gaining wisdom and applying it to the 12th house no matter if it clashes with your old philosophy or belief. 

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