Venus In Taurus Trines Pluto In Capricorn♥️ June 24 2017♠️Grounded Obsession♦️

♥️#Friday June 23 2017♥️Tomorrow an intense energy aboard in this Cancer Cycle as Venus in Taurus Trines Pluto in Capricorn♠️and we may feel a passionate and intense energy coming in but at the same time with proven means. Having this aspect occur in Earth Signs pertains more to chasing intensely or putting a lot of effort into chasing material things. 

Note that you would also have to consider where this aspect is taking place in your personal natal chart.

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For example if Taurus falls in your 7th house you may be having intense conversations about values and business with siblings or those closest to you.🔥

Also note that this aspect is taking place during the New Moon in Cancer. So a new beginning is aboard and one will be applying a lot of intense energy to this new idea that emerged.

Cancer for the most part is a very calm sign that adores nurturing others, but having Mars there can obviously provoke and stir the waters with Cancer. Cancer is no fool and has high intuition and they can catch others on lies easily.