🌘New Moon In Cancer 🌙Cancer Season Is Here AND So Is Summer🌻🌞

#Thursday June 22 2017🌘Tomorrow a New Moon emerges from late Gemini into Soft Cancer. We can start to feel the shift from busy, mind running, to calm and emotional. Today we experience lack of vision as the Eye of Heru is blind and the moon is completely dark. 

🌘Deluxe Moon is an awesome app with gorgeous graphics and stellar background tune that gives you the phase of the moon🌘

Some of us may be feeling anxious, others tired do to the lack of intensity of the moon conjuncting the sun. Cancer rules the 4th house of comfort, privacy and protection and on a grand scale we may be feeling this way although it is best advised to look into where Cancer falls in your chart for a bigger revelation. 

❣️Sole – I have been drinking Sole for over a week now and not only does the water taste better, but I’m actually hydrated. Our bodies can’t absorb water just by itself (remember the Distilled Water experiment I blogged about when I first started this blog?) it needs minerals to help you be able to absorb water. So basically you take a good amount of Pink Salt and put it in distilled water, leave it there for 24 hours for it to settle. The salt sinks, but the 85 minerals in the Pink Salt stay afloat and you get a tablespoon and take some sole and put it in your drinking bottle and you got your mineral water. Best to use a wood or plastic spoon as metal can reverse the polarity of the solution. Also the container in the Sole Jar can’t be metal or it will rust into your water over time❣️👌

There seems to be a big calm or pulse in the sky as Mars is in Cancer for those who have mastered their emotions and for those who have a lot of Air (Logic) and Earth (Grounding) in their chart. 

🦋I downloaded Sleep Cycle on my IPhone 7 Plus and I was amazed! I was always curious about my sleeping pattern. Not only does this app give you this chart, but it also gives you how the phases of the moon affect your sleep. Keep in mind I always go to bed at 9:00pm(in Summer) because that’s the time the body healing energy is released. [NREM] if you miss this sleep you will probably wake up with undereye circles and saggy face skin in the morning aging you.🦋

People who have a lot of air (thinking) get a relief when a stellium enters a Water Sign….. however the opposite is true with someone with a lot of water or maybe fire in their chart. Passion increases and emotions increases. In that case one has to see what elements are your weaknesses. ✨🦋As you can see here I wake up around 4ish to 5ish to drink a full glass of Sole to hydrate, so many hours sleeping dehydrated can actually be bad for your skin. After that it is a little hard for me to fall asleep as you can see, but I will wake up dyhadryated regardless because thrist will creep in around that time.🦋