Sun and Mercury Conjunct in Cancer in the Summer Solstice🦋🌞June 21 2017 – Let The Calm Begin

#Tuesday June 20, 2017 🦋Happy Summer Solstice!🌞👍Tomorrow we start this new phase and we also have Mercury and Sun Conjuncting in sweet and placid Cancer. 👏So our energies will be calming down dramatically! Cancer is a very laid back sign, and is not in a hurry to get anything done, it’s really all about stopping and smelling the roses and I can totally feel it! We already got the hard part of our goals this year done as Mercury, Mars and the Sun passed through Aries, Taurus and Gemini the signs of getting stuff done. 

🦋Now currently we will have Mercury and the Sun joining Mars in Cancer. When we have Mercury and Sun Conjunct our heart (the Sun) and our thoughts(Mercury) align. We are pretty decisive. However, sometimes this can indicate a burnout, as the Sun burns Mercury in extreme cases causing to over think, but in this case it’s happening in the late Degrees of Gemini, going on to Cancer, so it really has more of a laid-back attitude. 

For those of you who don’t have access to nature, here’s a little piece of nature from my backyard. Although most of us live in the city, we forget to acknowledge that even a backyard with plants is nature and we can enjoy it’s peace and serenity in the morning.

Again Happy Summer Solstice and enjoy the serenity!🌞