June 18-23 2017✨ Weekly Tarot Forecast 🔮Transformation and New Path🦋

Weekly Forecast June 18 2017🦋June 18-23 2017🔮This week we have a lot of Fire and Water Element in our Celtic Cross reading here which can signify a lot of passion and desire. We lack air and earth in this reading. In other words we are lacking logic and practicality.

Last week we were like a catalyst (Princess of Wands) removing any fears that stood in our way. We broke through something. 🔥And now we are at the Death process as we are currently registering what took place last week. 

Death is also a card of water as it is ruled by Scorpio and the card that crosses death or prevents us from fully transforming and accepting our current change is “desiring “, (Prince of Cups).

We have desire for something which prevents us from fully accepting that things have changed as well as ourselves.

We are full of drive and fire (2 of Wands) and we are owning up to it (Emperor) it’s just that we refuse to not be unproductive. 

We want to keep things moving, no matter if the original plan has changed.

This week ahead we will be like the Knight of Wands jumping through obstacles as they present themselves in our ways. 

We might be like the Knight of Cups in offering mode offering our service of some sort to the world or to someone. 

In return, others will be like the Queen of Cups observing us and receptive to our actions.

We will wish to move things in lightning speed like the 8 of wands and as a result that will cause the Chariot to open a new path ahead for us. We will contemplate on that path, as for once we start there is no turning back.