Neptune Goes Retrograde June 16 2017 Unveiling Certain Truths🔮

#Thursday June 15 2017✨Tomorrow Neptune Goes Retrograde and all illusions and delusions can be seen. For those of us who need a reality check, Neptune will unveil any sort of deception, now his illusionary powers are weakened. When Neptune is Direct we can feel likely to believe in anything thrown our way, but also it gives Artist the vision to channel art. However, now that he is retrograde the veil is lifted and we can see things as they are.

(Sleep time♥️Pebbles Enters Apples cage and climbs to Apples little bed and waits for Apple to come up)

Though it’s been a tough week full of oppositions and squares this Neptune Retrograde can perhaps help us see our blind spot of what we were doing wrong. 

We have been hearing about a lot of chaotic news lately due to the Sun -Saturn opposition and Mercury Square Neptune. But now Neptune Retrograde will finally blow the lid off. This week has been mighty intense. Best to stay hidden for the time being.