Sun In Gemini Opposes Saturn In Sagittarius – June 15 2017- Mental Burnout🌞☁️

#Wednesday June 14 2017 🌞Tomorrow Sun Opposes Saturn and a sense of need to create versus restriction is the main theme tomorrow. We may feel a little bound up by responsibilities and a need to break away. Mainly a lot of things are happening due to the Suns activity in Gemini. But the anchor in Sagittarius (Saturn) is of main concern here. Maybe we have burnt ourselves to such an extent that now we are facing some consequences with Saturn. Saturn is somewhat restricting Or putting a damper on some situations. Also Saturn is retrograde and his grounding effects are not so strong, so any nervous issue in Gemini can quickly get out of hand.If for example you have Gemini in the 8th house you may be facing some mental fatigue or burn out due to over working yourself trying to produce something of value.

A day out in the sun with our feet planted in Saturn (Ground) can be of help.