Mercury In Gemini Squares Neptune In Pisces – Two Face Day – June 13 2017☁️

#Tuesday June 13 2017☁️Tomorrow Mercury in Gemini Squares Neptune in Pisces causing lies and gossip our way. It can be quite a stressful day tomorrow as we try to find our way out of a mess. Mercury rules Gemini and Neptune rules Pisces and they are squaring each other. For those artist out there this could be a struggle between choosing an idea to channel through you to create something out of it. But like always, Squares always bring the best in us, so hang in there! For example, if Gemini happens in your 8th house you may be having issues with people’s issues interfering with your creativity or your creative time. Or maybe you will have others talk about your romantic life.

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Mercury Square Neptune on a grand scale can pertain to also finding out someone is cheating on you or “lying” to you in a relationship.

Mercury is a duel planet and so is Neptune. They both have two sides. One has truth and lies (Mercury) and the other one has (Romance and delusions) so care must be taken.

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