Mercury Trines Jupiter – June 13 2017 – Facilitating Luck With the Right Mind☝🏻

#Monday June 12 2017✨ Tomorrow Mercury Trines Jupiter causing us to overthink about possibilities. Mercury in Gemini is Causing us to overthink things in order for Jupiter Direct to make the right choice in Libra. Too many things at once. So much to do, so much to learn and tell, and we have to keep it all in divine order. This can be a real busy time and a mental drain. So much good is coming our way, so many possibilities at once, one can get overwhelmed by this trine actually. Our energies can slip out easily just as easy they came in our bodies. 

(Recording my new song I wrote and composed on my Piano in my iPhone 7 Plus Garageband. I’ve been SUPER busy learning how to record professionally & next week I plan to learn how to Master the tracks to get that flawless radio edit sound.)

Gemini is in a hurry here, but Mars in Cancer is not. Mars in Cancer is about emotional enjoyment, and at the same time temper tantrums from others may flare when things are not happening immediately.

If for example you have Gemini in the 8th house, you may be dealing with having to deal with other’s issues and perhaps their bad ideas. Maybe others want you to take on tasks that they find hard to tackle and they are all behind the scenes tasks.

The moon is also finally waning but it still has potential and intense energy. One must guard against burn-outs and fatigue.