Tarot Forecast June 11-17 2017🦋Pushing Through To Make Things Happen😐

#Sunday June 11-17 2017 Weekly Tarot Card Forecast 🦋This week we might enter a small glitch as we are disappointed (5 of Cups) with the flow (Princess of Cups). We were expecting the flow to go smoothly for what we obtained last week, or for our current ideas or projects (Princess of Disks) but the flow somehow had some issues that we are currently putting massive energy and fighting through(7 of Wands) to fix the rocky situation. Last week we obtained possibilities and new methods of obtaining money (Ace of Disks). This next week we will be looking forward and sticking to it (3 of Wands) till we get it right or solve the issue. The winnings are much too big to give up too soon.

We will be applying massive detail to our crafts and projects (8 of Disks).

We will get others to help us adjust, or things will be put into place right (Adjustment).

We might wish or fear to be alone depending on the type of person and situation you are going through (The Hermit).

And in the end we must watch out as there is a great chance you might abandon what you started. Maybe you have put too much work into something and your efforts could be wasted. (8 of Cups). One must evaluate what is taking all our energies and not giving anything in return.

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