Full Moon Sagittarius As Jupiter Goes Direct In Libra – Cashing In On Money – June 9 2017🌕✨

#Thursday June 8 2017🌻Tomorrow Jupiter Goes Direct in Libra while a Full Moon in Sagittarius blooms!🌕 Our luck is restored and we can finally see things moving along smoothly! Personally I’ve seen one huge main possibility already occur yesterday and I’m thrilled Jupiter is back on track! 🌕This moon is very expansive and lucky as it is happening in the constellation that Jupiter rules and Jupiter himself is going Direct!👏

Money and business luck can be the main theme here as Libra has to do with business partnership and Jupiter is going Direct here. Also the fact that Venus is in Taurus who works very hard at getting things of value and Mercury is in Gemini putting his busy mind to putting together the master plan of making this happen. It is truly a blessing to have Jupiter back!

If for example you have Jupiter in the 12th house, your behind the scenes efforts can finally pay off and you can be cashing in on money as the full moon happens in your 2nd house of value due to partnering up with Venus in the 7th house.