Venus Enters Taurus And Mercury Enters Gemini – June 6 2017🌺 Stabilizing Love & a Busy Mind

#Monday June 5 2017♥️Tomorrow Venus Enters Taurus and Mercury Enters Gemini. Finally Venus experiences a little bit of stability since she was in a rollercoaster for the majority of this year in Aries and now she is in her own element, Earth. Venus loves to be in Earth signs as it brings Stability, and she also likes to be in Libra since she is the ruler of Libra. But in Taurus she feels safe and valued.Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, the magician, so one may be mentally transmitting information left and right. It might be a little difficult to quiet the mind having mental conversations with people. As for the moon, it is waxing and it is intensifying. It will be full on Wednesday, so one must start easing down on activities that can drive us to mania.

🌺Flowers are blossoming🌺

If for example you have Taurus in the 7th house you may be getting married or signing a business contract with others. Also you may be a bit mentally caught up in mental dialogues with other’s issues, so we must guard ourselves from getting caught in the loop.