June 4 -10 2017 Tarot Weekly Forecast🦋 Meeting Someone Special or Contracting With Someone🔮🖇

#Sunday June 4 2017🦋Weekly Tarot Forecest🦋We have more good luck our way this week. But first let’s recap last week where we had a lot of activity because we gained something new (Princess of Disk). And we are truly happy with what we’ve got (9 of Cups). We are also generating pleasure from it (6 of Cups), however, the current main situation is withdrawing from events (The Hermit) because maybe we have offered too many things to other people (Knight of Cups) having us spread ourselves thin.This week we will draw the line (9 of Wands) or await for our goods to ripe. The trial awaits us to put to test what we were determined to do and planned to do all this time.

We might feel overdone this coming week (7 of Cups) but, we might meet someone special (The Lovers) or perhaps come into a business contract with someone.

We will wish to rest and observe rather then DO this week, (Queen of Cups) but we know this week action must be taken if we really want to progress. 

As a result we will gain security, money and things of value as our efforts have paid off or maybe (The Empress) we will feel beautiful if it is someone special we met.