Mars Enters Cancer While Sun In Gemini Squares Neptune In Pisces🔥June 4 2017🌞Emotional Over Gossip💦

#Saturday June 3 2017🔥🌊Tomorrow Mars Enters the placid waters of Cancer and begins to stir them up. Also the Sun in Gemini Squares Neptune in Pisces exposing some lies or maybe finding out you have been deceived in something. Mars doesn’t like to be in water signs as it extinguishes his hot nature. Mars in Cancer can have us feeling a bit too emotional and makes us use emotion when we are suppose to use logic. Gemini and Pisces Square can cause lies (Pisces) and gossip (Gemini) so maybe we will be seeing people over-reacting when someone comments on them or perhaps when they find others speaking about them. For example if you have Mars entering your 9th house, you may be wanting more freedom and a desire to escape. Also the Pisces-Gemini Square can cause you to have issues creating and adopting an imagination as others can interfere.