Venus In Aries Trines Saturn In Sagittarius ♥️June 1 2017 -Organizing Valuables To Have More Freedom🦋

#Thursday June 1 2017 ❤️Today in the 1st day of June relationships start to look better as Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius in their last degrees. Relationships and things we value begin to look more organized and more stable. Saturn is not so strict as he is retrograde but yet gives a nice stable energy.

🍏Sitting with mommy as she sits down to take a break with organizing her stuff.♥️

This month starts off pretty well. Today we might be getting organized or acquainted with something before we take over full throble on that goal we started to built up on Spring. Things are looking well on the material side of things as Venus and Saturn are material planets and they start off this month in good fate in a trine. If for example you have Venus transiting your 6th house you may be organizing your house or your living space throwing away outdated stuff you no longer use and making space for what is to come.

Overall, this fire trine can get us grounded do to the grounding planets that are trining.

🍏Today I woke up in the right side of the cage and was behaving 70% of the time.🐩