Venus Conjuncts Uranus In Aries – June 3 2017 – Love At First Sight♥️🔥⚡️

#Friday June 2 2017 Tomorrow a lot of exciting energy is about to take place as Venus and Uranus Conjunct in fiery Aries! When these two meet up a chance encounter is bound to happen in our lives!Love that comes quickly can occur. 

For those of you who are single, love at first sight can come. Uranus is that sudden planet of surprises and Venus is that planet of beauty and love. 

▪️Juju’s mate. He is such a handsome bird. ♥️

Now always remember that what comes easy, goes easy. The same way Uranus can give you an easy passage to love, it can also give you an easy passage to also loose that person. 

This is happening in the sign of the conquistador. 

Aries loves hard to get people but Venus in Aries can also signify a new beginning as marked by the 4 of Wands in the tarot cards. So a sudden rush of meeting someone new in your life is bound to take place.

If for example you have Aries in the 6th house you may be getting a lot of clients or customers suddenly at your job.

🌫Woah! I love when it rains, and it is about to rain in Miami ☁️

🌞Every bird from my neighborhood comes to eat from my yard. I always have fresh water and food for them.🌞