Mercury In Taurus Trines Pluto in Capricorn🔥May 31 2017🖤Intense Discussions

#Wednesday May 31 2017 Today Mercury trines Pluto causing us to speak with power and intensely about where we stand. This is an Earth Trine and being grounded and protected is more of a concern for us. Mercury in Taurus speaks stubbornly about obsessive goals in Capricorn and nothing or anyone will come between you and that long term vision. And if someone or something were to interface you will state gladly where you stand. And because Pluto is retrograde we find ourselves more able to remove ourselves from the control that someone or something may be trying to impose on us. Pluto’s intense powers are weak while he is retrograde and Mercury is able to speak Willfully against any manipulation perceived.If for example you have Mercury in the 7th house you may be speaking business or to your love partner in a very direct manner in which you state clearly you will not loose sight of long term goals. 

A very affirmative day today and one should also guard against temper flares as Mercury can be over expressive.