June 2017 Astrology Forecast⚗️✨ Mars Enters Cancer 🌊& Jupiter Finally Goes Direct🥂

#Tuesday May 30 2017🔥June 2017 Forecast🔥The Summer Solstice begins June 21 and even now we are feeling on the heat. The beginning of June starts off positive with Venus trining Saturn giving structure to relationships. 

Venus also acts boldly on the 3rd as she makes sudden movement creating conflicts the next day between making the right choice or being delusional. 🔥💦Mars also enters Cancer on the 4th so care about feelings need to be taken. 

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and Mercury also joins Gemini giving our attention to multiple things. 🌕On the full Moon on the 9th Jupiter goes direct in Libra and we will feel luck again coming in from the efforts you have made all this time. Remember all this time he has been retrograde, even when Venus was going Retrograde giving no results.

🍏I may look super cute in my play pin and innocent… but wait until I go into your room…🍏

On the next week we might have it a bit tough as Mercury squares Neptune and the Sun is opposed by Saturn while Neptune goes retrograde on the 16th exposing deception. 

On the 21st Mercury and Sun both enter Cancer emphasizing on love. 

On the 23rd a harmonious new moon starts off backed by Venus Trining Pluto ,however, on the last week we might face a bit of resistance as Jupiter gets squared by Mars and on the last day he opposes Pluto.. However on a positive note Mars trines Neptune and Mercury also trines Neptune that week providing some sort of resistance to the square. It can be a rocky month, but placid in comparison to March and April.

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