Saturn And Mars Oppose – May 29 2017🔥☄️Retracting and Pushing Energy At Once

#Monday May 29 2017🔥Today Mars in Gemini Opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. Many would think this opposition would yield in an issue but it is actually a very balancing aspect. However, if it would of been conjunct we would of been indecisive if to move or stay still.

But now we have a retracting energy and a refracting energy at a tug-of war. Mars is pushing on mind power (Gemini)and Saturn is discipline in higher-mind(Sagittarius). 

Many Martial Artist can be born on this aspect having the ability to both react accordingly to their opponent.

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Today we can use this aspect wisely to our advantage.

We have to always be careful though. 

Though it may not be a dangerous aspect, two opposite energies can always create a stir.

Today we can use it for those activities that require discipline but also a rebellious push.

If for example you have this aspect occuring between your 2-8th house Axis, you may feel like you must spend on things you will later need, perhaps using your credit card a little too much, but at the same time you are disciplined, knowing how much you have at the bank, and how much you can really spend.