Weekly Tarot Forecast☄️May 28- June 3 2017🌞Exciting Week Ahead🔥

#Sunday May 28 2017🗝Tarot Card Weekly Forecast May 28-June 3rd. Behold this week we will have a lot of excitement and doors open for us but first let’s touch upon last week. Last week we were confined and maybe not able to move much without hassle(The Devil), however, we manage to get past that (The Universe) and complete the tasks that we started long ago. Victory is the foundation but with a very negative and pessimistic attitude. Although everything might now be in place, the mind (10 of Swords) always finds a place for complain and seeing what we don’t have.

Next week however a standoff is on (Valor). Whatever we completed this week with Victory we will take it one step further and continue to slay it even further.

We will approach this week in a contemplative observant manner (Queen of Cups). We will have a new path to follow (The Chariot) and we might be a bit scared (The Moon) of the unknown experiences but we will rise and remove the few blocks that are left to start upon that path. (AceOfFire)