New Moon in Gemini While Venus Squares Pluto -May 25 2017 -Despondency At Bay☁🌑

#Wednesday May 24 2017🌑Tomorrow we have a New Moon in Gemini with Venus Squaring Pluto. Always during a New Moon we feel discouraged and sometimes the lowest of energy. With this Gemini New Moon we may feel perhaps the feeling of the “Ruin” Card in the Tarot which is the Sun and Moon in Gemini.

This card is when we are being extremely negative about everything in life and we have reached a point when we have to re-program ourselfs.

So we are at a blind spot in this new moon plus the negative cognition of the “Ruin” card.


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I always say the way to get through by the New Moons is to have faith that all will turn out right, but even faith is difficult at times to retain.

Venus Squaring Pluto can spark more doubts during this New Moon as we struggle for control of what we value. 

So many things or ideas may be occupying our heads (Gemini) and we struggle to gain control of what we truely value. 

In this case Venus is in Aries, and we feel conpelled to experiment and break through, but Pluto in Capricorn sort of limits us when he shows us how much the methods of excelling to where we want to get to have changed. 

We may be feeling like we can’t keep up or like you are behind in this new era of constant change. 

If for example you have Aries in the 6th house, you may want to give some value to your work, but the means of communication and expression have changed so much, you feel like you can’t offer too much value & this new moon in the 8th house is pushing for major change.