Tarot Reading Weekly-May 21-26 2017- Observation and Demasking Week⚡

#Sunday May 21 2017 🔮This week we will be observing those around us in particular and perhaps demasking certain people. 

Last week we got things done nomatter how hard they were. Alot of rebellious energy with the (PrincessofSwords) and we sucked it up and got the hard work done. We were just not going to allow another week of procrastination and no productivity.

This week what bothers us is having to face (3ofSwords) perhaps the hard reality of things just falling below expectation (4ofCups). We still got alot to do to reach that ultimate goal(3ofWands) something we are looking foward to. And at least that’s what gives us drive (Emperor).

🔮But this week we will be like the (QueenofCups) sitting there looking and contemplating.

We might change certain things in order to excell (2ofDisks) but we will recieve people who might ask us for help or desire(PrinceofCups) something from us..caution..

We will fear being drained (8ofCups)by these people or person and as a result we will demask them and logically despell them from their objective.(QueenofSwords).

At the end of this week we will be very rational about where we are going next.