Hebrew The Alien Language👽”The Language of Light And Harmonics”🔥

🔥”The Language of #Light and #Harmonics Aka “The Language of #Fire”#Hebrew #language encodes the natural wave form geometry in the material world. 

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They are sound keys to the vibratory #matrix of reality itself, they are solid equations encoded within the #ancient #Mantras and names of Gods capable of directly affecting the nervous system for #healing and highest states of consciousness or for mind control and killing. 

🔥This is why they don’t teach you Hebrew. Because if you start speaking Hebrew, things start entraining. You begin to lock into frequencies that deserves higher training. 

This language (Aburu/Kamadu) Hebrew or (From “Nibiru”) is the language that the ancient Kemetic Priest used when they were being chased out by the Hysols. 

So they put everything in coded language so that you have to evaluate in consciousness to come to the understanding of it. 🔥If you were to take a match and light it, and flick it back and forth, you would get Hebrew Letters. 

Fire language that our ancestors created in order to encode the millions of years of information that they had. They had to make it in coordination with your own mind, with your brain work pattern. Inside your computer or TV screen, there are Sigils setup in the forms circuits that vibrate each tonal signal. They all have the lockdown sigils on them. That’s the reason why you can’t turn off the television. They raised these sigils to lock down your consciousness matrix. 🔥”When you don’t speak the language of Light, you don’t control your own destiny!”

Modern #technology shows that when you take a picture of the human thinking, you can see patterns that look like the Hebrew Alphabet (Sigils). 

The flair patterns of the human brain are the same shapes and patterns taken by spinning #vortexes of light and sound, so when light and sound are spinning at a vortex matching thought you get the Hebrew language. 

There are 22 Hebrew Sigils. In other words, the word of God, courses through every man and woman’s nervous system. 🔑This #language encodes the natural wave form geometry of the world. 

Kumatu (Hebrew) is a harmonic language which emulates from wave form property of life. In other words, when you speak that Kumatus (Hebrew) the right way, you afflict light and you entrain sound harmonics to the voice, and thus you are manipulating the velocities and the vortexes of being. 🔒The #English language keeps you in a lockdown sequence, that’s why they have 6 different dictionaries of the English language. 

Because they have to keep revising it to keep shifting the furniture in the lockdown prison. So every time they give you a new commercial about what is getting ready to happen, they shift to semantic dynamic and your mind now forms this cube and you think you are someplace new! Notice how Hebrew rhymes with #Nibiru. It’s the original language of the Gods!