Gemini Season Is Here🌞Sun Enters Gemini May 21 2017- Air Sign

#Saturday May 20 2017 🌞Tomorrow the Sun Enters Gemini. Happy Birthday Gemini, your season is here! 

Gemini is the last Sign in Spring, and it’s super super busy!

It’s when Spring starts to break down, thus it’s why it is referred to as a “Mutable Sign” and it symbolizes wind breaking through all directions to then welcome Summer-“the cooking of your ideas”.

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This is the last contellation in Spring and we need to make sure we get everything together that we started on Aries so that we can then in Summer start to expand it. 

This is why Gemini is such a busy sign. We might feel like we are in a hurry to get things done, especially during this time of the year. 

We mostly go to sleep late because the Sun exposure is longer during the day. 

Remember once Summer is here we have to focus on expanding what we started in Spring, but for now we have to wrap things up and finish the small details that need tending before we embark on the big stuff in Summer.