Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius Trines Uranus In Aries🔥⚡Changing With Certainty-May 19 2017

#Thursday May 18 2017✨Tomorrow Saturn in Sagittarius Trines Uranus in Aries giving us a boost of confidence in doing what we are determined to do but with re-assurance do to Saturn’s energy. So this change we are embarking on has some substance and structure. 

It is well backed up and organized. We may be doing something out of our comfort zone since thats what Aries does, yet Saturn in Sagittarius is making sure it is rooted in ‘Truth” and in discipline. We may feel like we must embark on this change. We must do it for the sake if our future (Uranus) security. It is a risk we are forcing ourselves ro take. 

🍂Can you name this fruit? They are sour and only bloom in spring.🍂

If for example you have Aries in the 6th house you may feel adventurous enough to take risks during the day that can benefit and secure your income.