Venus In Aries Opposes Jupiter In Libra🔥May 18 2017-Confronting Those That Owe Us

#Wednesday May 17 2017🔥Tomorrow Venus in Aries Squares Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. Remember the last time this happened she was in retrograde mode and she made certain claims to Jupiter, but Jupiter didn’t respond. 

Venus is taking the initative in Aries and going after what she wants. She is goal oriented and ready for battle to sieze the day and aquire what it is that she values in the moment.

Jupiter however is in retrograde motion and still can not deliver goods or expand Venus, and thus Venus gets comfrontational with Jupiter tomorrow. For example if Venus happens in your 6th house you may probably be job hunting but the people who you fill out the applications to are hidden(12th house Jupiter) and show no signs of life.

We must have patience with Jupiter. One day he will go foward and he will be blessing us in every angle. 

So keep up the momentum of the Mars in Gemini energy.