Mercury Enters Taurus­čî│ Allowing To Establish What He Found In Aries-May 16 2017

#Monday May 15 2017­čî│Tomorrow Mercury Enters Taurus. Mercury is still in shadow period since the last time he entered Taurus he went retrograde back into Aries. 

But now he is direct and will be going foward in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus will ground once and for all the plans we got initiated once he was retrograding in Aries. 

He created quite a stir of momentum and clearing up misunderstandings while in Aries and at the same time re-formed new ideas that now when he enters Taurus he will organize. 

Now he can sit down and pay attention and listen by being still as Taurus, for he was moving around in Aries seeking new methods of advancement.

Now we will “apply” ourselves to the ideas we found in Aries.

Do you know what ideas you’ll start applying now that he is in Taurus? What are things to need to get done before he enters Gemini and starts to distribute the organized plateform formed in Taurus?

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