May 14-20 2017 Tarot Card Weekly Forecast-đź”®Prosperity Aheadđź’°

#Sunday May14-20 2017đź”®Weekly Tarot Forcastđź”®This week we have blessings coming our way. ✨Last week we got alot done with the intensity of the full moon in Scorpio culminating and also with the combo of intense aspects. Things were “flowing” (AceOfCups) and gave us alot of that potential energy of giving and receiving.

The main theme this week is rebellion and a new beginning. We will rebel (ThePrincessOfSwords)aganist old ways of doing things that keep us confined in this new beginning that is taking place.(TheFool).

We are aware that there is much to be enjoyed, there is alot of energy at bay(TheSun). Yet we feel like we have to be careful and we have to assets the theme in order to stay successful(7ofDisks).

This week we might face the inability to make a decision or too much going on at once (Interference- 8ofSwords). 

We might be tired and overworked(KnightofDisk) but we will see prosperity coming in (AceofDisks). 

We might wish to remove the few blocks that are left (AceofWands) and as a result our wishes will come true this week. (9ofCups) as we will be fulfilled by the prosperity of our hard work!✨