You Meet Yourself When You Fall Inlove❤

“An Ideal Hope”When we have fallen inlove with someone, we have fallen inlove with an aspect of ourselves that has gone untapped. 

Once we loose interest we have integrated that aspect in ourselves. We no longer need that person, because the lesson was learned, you graduated. 

Sometimes you change and the person changes and the relationship ends because it is no longer based on the same set of people that started the relationship to begin with. It just disintegrates. 

Romance is the dawn of excitement of meeting your hidden ideal hope. Once you incorporate that ideal into yourself, you no longer need the other person to reflect it back to you. 

You need another person for feedback basically. If you are not in a relationship, you will not receive feedback, therefore you will not learn. 

The other person is the mirror that lets you see who you are. The pretty, the ugly, your habits that you didn’t notice before, a new judgment towards your views. It is a new set of lenses that otherwise would not have gone seen if you weren’t in a relationship. 

My favorite philosopher #BruceLee wrote a quote about this. Your soul mate can be here today, and gone tomorrow to another body. You must search because people change, chemicals such as pheromones change over time too. 

Your soul mate can jump to different bodies at different times. It doesn’t remain in one person. He or she is free and can often jump out of bodies. Sometimes several in a lifetime. 

That’s why you hear people say, “And I thought she was my soul mate, but now I found you and you are meant for me.” Romantic things people say to each other, without realizing the big picture. 

And the big picture is, that you are searching to fall inlove every time you shed your skin and you need someone to reflect it, in order to meet and understand your new self.