Mars In Gemini Trines Jupiter in Libra – May 12 2017 – Getting Alot Done For Nothing

#Friday May 12 2017🔥Mars Trines Jupiter today. We may feel a certain push of energy geared towards something today or even last night, but Jupiter was too sleepy to expand that energy (he is still retrograde). So we are left with the energy, not knowing what to do with it. 

📦So a box arrived today📦

A sense of needing to over-due, to cover everything needed and do a million things at once (Mars in Gemini) yet it seems like we are going to fast and the world around us is going to slow.

✨Face products. Yes the glue is for the face too if you are wondering.✨

Gemini has alot of questions and wants to know everything now to do it now. Now or nevermind. 

And this is how we feel. We have been proactive but Jupiter in Libra tucked away has failed to deliver. 

✨You mix non-toxic glue with charcoal and paint it on your nose to remove dirt.✨

✨This was the remains. It worked alright, but I really didnt have that much dirt on mt face this week to really compare.✨
And in a way it sucks because just image if jupiter was direct while we were so hyped up this month? Can you imagine how different the senerio might of been. 

✨My Tea Tree Face Wash was almost finished and I ordered two more…but I made an error and ordered body wash..😔good thing it still works for my face because I have 0 patience to return.👌

With Mars in Gemini we can learn many things at once and progress quickly, because the fire of Mars is getting blown by the multiple breezes of Gemini. Once Mars goes into Cancer he will not be productive as the water will extinguish him.

🍏I know Im pretty but don’t touch my cage.🍏