🍏Learn How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards Course🔮

#Thursday May 11 2017🌕Today as the Full Moon switches to Sagittarius the wise wizard of the Zodiac, on the day of Jupiter (Thursday) on the hour of Jupiter I launch my Tarot Card Lessons to expand the higher minds of others.

For those people who always had the dream to read Tarot Cards for themselves but never understood them or how to lay them on Spreads can now have access to a course that will simplify it for you. 

I put together the courses in a way that will not confuse the beginner. 

Also note that the Tarot courses are not only for reading your energy or future, but to understand how our consciousness works. 

Tarot is a language that only the mind understands and it is very difficult to put in words, and can only be put in stories.

So eventhough you have no interest in learning how to read the cards, you should at least learn how your psyche operates so you can develope awareness and have more control over your actions. 

In these courses I teach multiple spreads and how to lay them. I teach the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcanas in reverse too and explain about the plantery symbols of the cards. 

Each class in the Tarot Course is about 10 minutes rich with information that you will not get in any other class.

I also applied some of my wisdom I have added to them over the years. You can purchase your access to the lessons at: https://gumroad.com/l/KGFrL#

See you there!