Mercury Conjunct Uranus⚡Trines Saturn – May 11 2017 – Payback Time🌕🔥👌

#Wednesday May 10 2017🌕Tomorrow Mercury Trines Saturn. This Full Moon in Scorpio will be very beneficial because we have alot of positive aspects around it. 

Mercury is still conjunct to Uranus and that eradic energy is now going to get grounded and be put into good use in a structured constructive manner with it being trine to Saturn.

All photography by @NaturePics_byLou

🌕Scorpio is symbolised by Reptiles, Eagles, black birds, and Scorpions🌕

We have very intense energies at bay and we are really feeling it. Sagittarius is blunt and whatever it is that happens on this day is centered around “Truth” and the ability to communicate it through in a brilliant way in which others may understand. 

You are really taking the cake in this full moon with acts of bravery and speaking truths while uncovering lies that everyone else slides under the carpet.

Scorpio has NO FEAR, the only fear they have is exploding for not speaking up. 

All of us will be tapping into this intense strength even if one has no placements or aspects to Scorpio.

The thing is that once a determined Judgement is made (Libra) the next constellation that follows is Scorpio (Heaven or Hell) which is what will be given to you after the determination.

Scorpio has a very bad reputation, but what people don’t realize is that this sign does the dirty work that no other sign wants to do.

This sign has the face to walk up to an injustice situation and call it by its name without caring about the risks. 

And this is the raw power we are feeling in this moon.

Last years Scorpio Moon was eerie, but not this one.

This one is surrounded by brilliance that is grounded by Saturn. You will not hold back.